National Shovel Ready Site Comparative Data

In Fall 2010, a national site capabilities survey was conducted by CBRE among fifteen comparable-sized sites self-designated as “shovel ready.”  All sites are located in the United States; all but four were within a 500 mile radius of West Central Ohio Industrial Center.

Key Findings:

  1. While all sites claim “shovel-readiness,” the definition of “shovel ready” based on the surveyed characteristics varied broadly across sites.
  2. Among the surveyed sites, the West Central Ohio Industrial Center stood alone in the level of actual completeness in capabilities.  Numerous locations note a “willingness” or “intention” to execute one or more of specific capabilities but have not actually invested in bringing those capabilities to a “ready today” level.

With an investment of more than $7 million in infrastructure and analysis, the West Central Ohio Industrial Center is truly the site that is Beyond Shovel Ready.

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Being Beyond Shovel Ready Saves Your Company Time & Money!

The phrase “Shovel Ready” is a widely
used term in economic development
circles. While it might have many different
definitions, here’s what makes
our location Beyond Shovel Ready:


Available Acres

Price per Acre

Highway Access

Rail Access






Natural Gas



Sanitary Sewer

Up to 471 Acres


I-75 @ US 33


350,000 within 50 mi.

All on Site


Fiber on Site

69KV Substation on Site

4" Lines on Site

10" - 15" Lines on Site

Max. Incentives Avail.

10" & 12" Lines on Site