Local Taxes

The West Central Ohio Industrial Center provides you with all the advantages of Ohio’s tax reform plus remarkably low local tax costs.  That’s one more reason why your company can succeed in Ohio.

County Taxes

Sales Tax: 1.5%
Income Tax: None
Real Estate Tax Rate: $10.23 per $1000 - Assessment: 35%

Community Taxes

City Sales Tax: None
City Income Tax: 1.0%
City Real Estate Tax Rate: $3.25 per $1000 - Assessment: 35%

School Income Tax: 0.75% (applies to school district residents only)
School Real Estate Tax Rate: $25.39 per $1000 - Assessment: 35%

Township Income Tax: None
Township Real Estate Tax Rate:  $0.70 per $1000 - Assessment: 35%

Total Real Property Tax Rate: $39.44 per $1000 - Assessment: 35%
(includes county, city, school, and township)

Local Tax Example: $10 million in building and land at market value
                    Assessed tax value = $3.5 million
                    Annual tax before abatements = $138,040

Being Beyond Shovel Ready Saves Your Company Time & Money!

The phrase “Shovel Ready” is a widely
used term in economic development
circles. While it might have many different
definitions, here’s what makes
our location Beyond Shovel Ready:


Available Acres

Price per Acre

Highway Access

Rail Access






Natural Gas



Sanitary Sewer

Up to 471 Acres


I-75 @ US 33


350,000 within 50 mi.

All on Site


Fiber on Site

69KV Substation on Site

4" Lines on Site

10" - 15" Lines on Site

Max. Incentives Avail.

10" & 12" Lines on Site