Ohio Tax Reform

The lowest state taxes in the U.S. Midwest lower your costs and make you more competitive in the global economy.  That’s what you will find in the West Central Ohio Industrial Center.

Today your competition comes from every corner of the world, and your business needs every advantage to survive and prosper. With this in mind, Ohio lawmakers dramatically revamped the state’s tax structure, creating the lowest rates in the Midwest and an extremely profit-friendly business climate for companies to succeed here.  Ohio provides the tools you need to win in a global economy.

Reduce operating costs.
No tax on inventory or corporate income.

Enhance productivity.
No tax on investments in machinery and equipment.

Attract talent. Shrink labor costs.
21% reduction in personal income tax.

Boost return on investment.
No tax on product sold to customers outside Ohio.

Reward entrepreneurialism.
First $1 million in gross receipts are tax-free.

Enjoy a level playing field.
All companies taxed the same low rate

Being Beyond Shovel Ready Saves Your Company Time & Money!

The phrase “Shovel Ready” is a widely used term in economic development circles. While it might have many different definitions, here’s what makes our location Beyond Shovel Ready:


Available Acres

Price per Acre

Highway Access

Rail Access






Natural Gas



Sanitary Sewer

Up to 200 Acres


I-75 @ US 33


350,000 within 50 mi.

All on Site


Fiber on Site

69KV Substation on Site

4" Lines on Site

10" - 15" Lines on Site

Max. Incentives Avail.

10" & 12" Lines on Site