State Incentives

Ohio’s aggressive incentive programs help you establish and grow business success.

Ohio, and the West Central Ohio Industrial Center, boast an impressive menu of incentive programs to attract and retain business.  State and local tax incentives, grants, and low-interest financing offer your business the opportunity to reduce risk, encourage investment, and grow profits.

These are the programs designed to help you succeed in Ohio:

Third Frontier Program

Ohio’s largest-ever commitment ($1.6 billion) to high-tech job creation, designed to promote economic growth by expanding the availability of investment capital needed to form new companies, supporting product innovation in established companies, facilitating commercialization of new products, and finding collaborative partners between private companies and Ohio’s universities;  the Third Frontier offers twenty innovative funding programs.

Edison Technology Centers

Seven centers, located throughout Ohio, provide a variety of product and  process innovation and commercialization services to both established and early-stage, technology-based companies.

Wright Centers of Innovation

Centers combine resources of higher education institutions, non-profit research centers, and private companies in Ohio through various grant-funded projects.

Grant & Low Interest Loan Programs

Designed to help build your facility and buy your equipment

  • Ohio Research Commercialization Grants
  • Emerging Technology Grants
  • Business Developments Grants
  • Alternative Fuel Transportation Grants
  • Advanced Energy Grants
  • Community Development Block Grants
  • Rapid Outreach Grants
  • Roadwork Development Grants
  • Ohio Rail Development Grants
  • Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund
  • 166 Direct Loan Program
  • Innovation Ohio Loan Fund Program
  • Research and Development Investment Loan Fund Program
  • Advanced Energy Loan Program

Tax Credit Programs

Designed to reduce your initial costs and provide for long term success

  • Job Creation Tax Credit
  • Job Retention Tax Credit
  • Research and Development Investment Tax Credit
  • Technology Investment Tax Credit
  • Local Property Tax Abatements
  • Warehouse Machinery and Equipment Sales Tax Exemptions
  • Local Tax Increment Financing District


Being Beyond Shovel Ready Saves Your Company Time & Money!

The phrase “Shovel Ready” is a widely used term in economic development circles. While it might have many different definitions, here’s what makes our location Beyond Shovel Ready:


Available Acres

Price per Acre

Highway Access

Rail Access






Natural Gas



Sanitary Sewer

Up to 200 Acres


I-75 @ US 33


350,000 within 50 mi.

All on Site


Fiber on Site

69KV Substation on Site

4" Lines on Site

10" - 15" Lines on Site

Max. Incentives Avail.

10" & 12" Lines on Site